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Quang Nam is a land wealthy in cultural traditions with world cultural heritages particularly Hoi An Historic Town and My Son Sanctuary. Quang Nam is also a land of nice spirituality, the birthplace of many elite youngsters for the country.
At present, Lien Viet Groupbuilding has been current and arrange crewbuilding packages at famous locations in Quang Nam Province such as:
- Hoi An neighborhood
- Cu Lao Cham
- My Son cultural heritage
- Lam Yen Village
- Da Buong flower village
- Duy Trinh Silk Village
- Plum Village
- Ha My beach
These are ideally suited conditions for you and your students and students to decide on the right products for travel along with workforcebuilding.
Journey combined teambuilding is at all times included in the top choice for every enterprise when you're skeptical about the artwork of managing your staff. Team building will help you select, summarize and supply the most applicable management in your work environment.
Staff building is a talent training program for everyone. Program schedules are set out in a specific time frame. Every degree of time is a testomony to your experience. If you happen to capture the core value of each game, allocating a causeable amount of time means you may have saved quite a lot of energy for the subsequent challenge.
Team building creates a very exciting and difficult playground set up at completely different levels. Challenges require the participant to suppose, calculate and suggest the best possible solutions to overcome the difficulties that convey victory to his team.
With the youth and attempt of employees, Lien Viet Staffbuilding will bring you more human options with the very best quality and service. The worth of buyer belief is a measure of our fixed striving.

Emal : info@lienvietteambuilding.vn
- MIỀN NAM : C12/9E Mai Văn Vĩnh, Phường Tân Quy, Quận 7, HCM.
Hotline : 08 3775 3117 – 0966007681
- MIỀN BẮC : 135/39 Vũ Tông Phan , Khương Đình, Thanh Xuân, Hà Nội.
Hotline : 094 1819 285
- MIỀN TRUNG : 16/131 Trần Phú , Phường Phước Vĩnh, Thành Phố Huế.
Hotline : 094 228 7438.

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